Edge Banding , Wrapping, Balancing Foil Bleached, Glue Thread

Wood and Veneers

Edge Banding , Wrapping , Balancing Foil Bleached, Glue Thread

RECONSTITUTED VENEERS are new type-all wood material with more excellent properties after processes and restructured for beautification through high technology based on the principles of bionics. It is a process of converting a simple secondary series veneer or timber into a laminated form, thereby adding advantageous properties and removing imperfections.

Edge Banding Veneer (Lipping)

used to cover up an unattractive substrate which could be of MDF, plywood , or solid wood of different species.

Wrapping Veneer

Wrapping Veneer is the ideal product for continuous applications as well as edges, spokes, and simple forms. Our wrapping veneer with a pre – glued backing is available with a pre-applied hot-melt adhesive.

Balancing Foil Bleached

Glue Thread